Project Description

The Altum Group provided engineering and survey services for this 32 lot, high-end residential neighborhood on Clancy Lane in The City of Rancho Mirage. This development was designed and approved under a tight time schedule, which was important to the success of the project. The project was constructed and serves as an outstanding example of our successful project delivery, from beginning to end.

Project Challenge

The client had an extremely aggressive schedule to meet, during which The Altum Group had to devise and design a solution for on-site drainage problems on the project site that resulted from the presence of soils with a heavy silt content.

Project Solution

Altum completed full construction drawings to meet the client’s aggressive schedule, and earth movement was able to begin one week after the project kick-off meeting. The Altum Group worked with Torrent Resources to develop an infiltration design system capable of evacuating stored runoff below the existing silt layers.