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Current Openings

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Would you like to join an exciting group of Consultants that is growing a firm that will rival the big corporations in the fields of Urban & Community Planning, Environmental Management, Civil Engineering, GIS and Land Surveying Services? If so, The Altum Group is that firm.

Be a Part of Team Altum

Since 2009 The Altum Group has carefully grown from 5 employees to over 30 talented professionals working from three office locations. These exceptional professionals are the foundation upon which The Altum Group is building to advance the firm to the next level.

The Altum Group was founded at the beginning of a severe recession, and we have developed a company culture that embraces sustainable business practices to allow the firm to navigate future economic turbulence and allow our employees to continue their professional growth and career development. Although The Altum Group is still a small company, you will find that we are building a tradition and culture of respect and value for all members of our team. A part of this tradition and culture is our benefit package and the associated efforts to encourage collaboration and mentorships between those who are newly hired, and those members of our team who have many years of experience. If you want to wake up in the morning and look forward to working with an extraordinary team of professionals, in a firm where the company tradition, culture, and environment all combine to create an outstanding place to work, then you need to join The Altum Group!

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Current Openings

The Altum Group is actively looking for candidates for the following positions:

  • Senior Engineer/Engineering Project Manager

  • Survey Positions: Mapping Technician, LSIT, Field Crew Party Chief

We are also looking for the following positions for all three of our office locations:

  • Environmental Planners

  • Land and Policy Planners

  • Land Survey Crew Chief/Field Technician

  • Survey Analyst

  • Civil Design Engineer

If you’re interested and would like to know about these jobs please Contact Us for more information.