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The Altum Group is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm headquartered in Palm Desert with offices in San Diego and Agoura Hills. Formed in 2009, Altum consists of a core group of professionals with experience in providing services to public and private clients, that are now supported by over 40 staff composed of environmental planners, engineers, surveyors, and urban planners. We offer comprehensive consulting expertise to public and private clients by providing civil engineering, planning, environmental, and land survey services. Collectively, Altum’s staff has over 300-years of experience in providing services to private clients and municipalities such as cities, counties, special districts, school districts, transportation districts, and other governmental agencies.

Altum handles multiple contracts and task orders simultaneously, with a reputation for providing high-quality work products on time and within budget. Our staff members have developed refined skills providing public and private clients with consulting services including services for public infrastructure and private development (including residential, commercial, and industrial,), institutional design, energy projects, (wind, solar, etc.), parks and recreational planning, subdivision design and infrastructure management.  

We have extensive experience in all phases of project management, from feasibility/concept development through project application, to issuance of building permits. Our team can coordinate all aspects of project management and project types, including environmental impact studies, general plan studies and plan amendments, specific plans, change of zone requests, conditional use permits, annexation studies, (plans of services), engineering studies, infrastructure management studies, tract maps and parcel maps, plot plans and variance requests. We are experts in navigating the government process in both cities and counties, including the management for the entitlement needs of private clients. Altum’s experienced professionals are recognized by government agencies and the development community for their high level of professionalism and commitment to excellence. 

The Altum team provides the following professional services:

  • Civil Engineering and Project Management

  • Survey/Mapping

  • Utility Location

  • Environmental Documentation and Studies

  • Planning Services

  • GIS and Graphics


and Staff Credentials