Mecca Street Revitalization

Mecca, CA

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Project Description

The Altum Group worked for the Riverside County Transportation Department (RCTD) and Riverside County Economic Development Agency (EDA) on the Mecca Street Rehabilitation Project. This project consisted primarily of the preparation of five phases of full-scale street improvement design for approximately 7 miles of streets within the community of Mecca, in unincorporated Riverside County. The scope of services included undergrounding/relocation of utilities, addition of sidewalks, right of way acquisitions, parkway landscaping and park design, drainage solutions, and coordination with the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR). A roundabout and entry monument were designed to form the gateway to Mecca. Key agencies requiring coordination for this project were RCTD, EDA, Coachella Valley Water District and the UPRR. Altum performed various construction staking and mapping functions for the RCTD and EDA, including design topography, monument recovery, pothole, street vacation and easement staking. Altum created legal descriptions and plats for easement and right-of-way.

Project Challenge

The community of Mecca experiences a high-water table only a few feet below the ground surface during parts of the year. Combined with a lack of curb and gutter improvements for stormwater conveyance and a small outlet facility, the community frequently endures standing water after rain events. Corrosive soils that are prevalent throughout the area had degraded existing concrete hardscape improvements. Thus, most of the few hardscape improvements in Mecca were in disrepair and a new design had to be prepared to account for the soil. In addition, their existing asbestos concrete water supply system was failing and needed to be replaced and redesigned. Replacing the old water supply system required careful removal and disposal of hazardous materials.

Project Solution

The design of the new street network and pedestrian hardscape in Mecca began with a Master Drainage concept developed by The Altum Group in coordination with Riverside County Transportation Department, Coachella Valley Water District (CVWD), Union Pacific Railroad, and Caltrans. With the goal of removing standing water throughout the community after rain events, a surface drainage system was developed that allowed the community to be de-watered immediately – even during phased construction. Meanwhile, the domestic water system was designed in coordination with CVWD, so that a more efficient delivery system, could be replaced using state of the art materials. Finally, community-wide sidewalk and street sign facilities were designed and constructed allowing off-street pedestrian access throughout the community for the first time.