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From simple backyard renovations to complex street realignments, subsurface utility location services are required for any project that involves digging or working below surfaces. To avoid contact with live wires or potentially breaking water pipelines, utilities are located and marked at street level to provide a guide during construction. This includes utilities that have metal lines or pipes: phone, television, gas, electric, water, sewer, and storm drains.


The Altum Group provides subsurface utility location services by utilizing radio detection locating equipment (Radiodetection Locator, Model 8100PDLG) to find and mark utilities on both private and public properties. Our equipment has built in GPS and data logging capabilities that allows us to capture exact location points to be plotted on topographic maps, aerial images, or graphic depictions of sites; creating a complete picture of the subsurface utilities on a project site.

Our lead Utility Locator has more than 25 years of professional experience in Southern California and Western Arizona. We are available to locate utilities for projects in San Bernardino, Riverside, Imperial, and San Diego Counties involving residential developments, schools, colleges, military installations, roadways, highways, and water infrastructure. We are also available to provide Second Chance Utility Locating services to confirm markings and drawings prepared directly by the utility providers. This allows contractors to dig with confidence knowing they are cleared from all utility lines. Civil Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Construction Contractors all benefit from understanding what is beneath their projects.


Utility Location and Mapping

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