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Team Altum. We Take Your
Project Personally

Altum is its people. An amazing array of talent and expertise with the horsepower to get it done, and the agility to pivot and respond quickly. We’re organized around client relationship and personally commit to realize their vision and success. Client needs, expectations and strategy provide the context for every project we carry out together. Whatever the project size, however our clients need us, we’re set up to deliver on time and on budget.


Cofounder & President

Mike Peroni

Cofounder & Vice President

Doug Franklin, P.E.

Cofounder & Chief Engineer

James R. Bazua, P.E.

Chief Administrative Officer

Tonya Carnevale

Director of Survey &

Chief Surveyor

Steve Heise, P.L.S.

Director of Urban and

Environmental Management

Chris D. Moore,

Director of Urban Design

Stephen Nieto, MA
Texas Division



Angela Dorf, P.L.S.

Field Operations Manager

Kennedy Tembe

Senior Project Manager

James Grant, RPLS
Professional Staff

Project Engineer

Tung Hsieh, P.E.,

Senior Project Designer

Randy LaMere

Project Designer

Stephen Holmes

Assistant Engineer

Christian Torres

Survey Manager

Bruce Cowan

Assistant Survey Analyst and Assistant Engineer

James Doss

Regional Senior Manager

Don Ayles

Survey and Utility Coordinator

Matt Graham

Survey Chief

Igor Kouzmine

Party Chief

Matt Leedholm

Drone Pilot, GIS

Tyler Carnevale

Planning Manager

Kevin Manning

Principal Planner

Rich Malacoff, MURP, AICP

Assistant Environmental Planner/GIS Analyst

Max Antono

Assistant Planner

Yaneli Hernandez, MURP

Planning Technician

Maribel Covarrubias

Admistrative Assistant and

Project Coordinator

Debbie Yocum

IT Specialist

Brandon Bovee

Marketing and Production Manager

Katie Davis
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