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Urban Design

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Altum’s team of Urban Designers work closely clients, stakeholders, and communities to envision the future of neighborhoods, parks, commercial centers, resorts, and mixed-use districts.

Leveraging Altum’s multidisciplinary team of urban thinkers, planners, environmentalist, and civil engineers, we go beyond traditional parameters and develop forward thinking and holistic design solutions. Through a streamlined process of engagement with clients, stakeholders, and communities, we approach each project based on an understanding of culture, community character, economic impact, ecological strategies, and infrastructural systems in a comprehensive view. Bridging the gap between planning and architecture, we work in the private and public sector to create a sense of “place” and envision unique user experiences

Our team of diverse planners adds value to development teams through the creation of design solutions that are purposeful, dynamic, cost effective, and implementable.  With the goal of economic vitality, we provide visioning, concept development, illustrative master plans, site design, feasibility studies and design guidelines – all thoughtfully crafted with a focus on the fundamentals of  human form, economics, place making and human scale design.

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