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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), or Drone, imagery is a standard tool for taking photographic records of project sites. These high quality images allow consultants to view projects from a different angle with extra details and accuracy. The Altum Group’s drone program is currently used on projects of all sizes to provide Clients with high quality aerial photography. Products include site videos up to 4K resolution, display photos, and georeferenced aerial imagery. Altum’s team is skilled with video editing, providing options for raw footage or fully processed video packages. Flights can be done as quickly as one hour and still produce a high quality product.

When a project site is too rugged, dangerous, or time consuming to inspect by foot, UAVs are a good alternative. GIS maps of a site can be augmented with the UAV’s high quality imagery to show current conditions and terrain. Aerial photographs are also useful when highlighting sites for potential development or sale, or for showing progress of construction on buildings or infrastructure where it is not safe to walk.

Our drone operator holds a Part 107 license from the FAA and is cleared to fly projects across California.

  • 360 Panoramic Photos

  • Site Photos

  • 4K Video Packages

  • High quality imagery
    maps for GIS

Drone and Video Services