Project Description

The project involved the installation of 2 parallel 24-inch domestic and recycled water lines designed to cross underneath Union Pacific Railroad and Interstate 10, providing the terminus of CVWD’s Mid-Valley Recycled Water Pipeline, and connecting domestic water sources on opposite sides of the transportation corridor. The new installations provide a sustainable source of irrigation water as well as a reliable source of domestic water for all future development of Classic Club.

Project Challenge

The project was a complex design requiring a sleeved jack and bore installation of two parallel 24-inch water lines crossing underneath Union Pacific Railroad and Interstate 10. It necessitated multi-agency coordination among Union Pacific Railroad, County of Riverside Transportation, Caltrans, and Coachella Valley Water District. The project also required a nighttime closure of Interstate 10 and survey monitoring of the Interstate 10 road surface during jack and bore operations. Most importantly, the project had to be completed while also ensuring the protection of sensitive jet fuel petroleum lines and a transcontinental fiber optic communications line in the project corridor.

Project Solution

The Altum Group provided multi-agency and utility project coordination and real-time design information to assist crews during installation. In addition, Altum located and monitored sensitive existing utilities and used triangulation to monitor the Interstate 10 surface during nighttime closure events.