North Palm Springs Solar IV

Palm Springs, CA

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Project Description

The Altum Group provided entitlement, final design and construction services for a 24-acre solar facility located in the San Gorgonio Pass in the City of Palm Springs, CA. The solar facility consists of an approximate 4.96 MW DC utility scale, interactive photovoltaic (PV) system. The major components of the system consist of the photovoltaic modules, piles collector line, and point of interconnect facilities, and various concrete pad mounted equipment enclosures dispersed across the project site.

Project Challenge

The North Palm Springs Solar IV project is a 24-acre, utility-scale solar facility. This solar project required a Conditional Use Permit (CUP), right-of-way dedications, slope easements, and an encroachment license from the City of Palm Springs. One of the primary project challenges was that the site is bifurcated by a regional drainage facility, the Garnet Wash, that can experience up to 5,000 cfs of 100-year storm flow, and is within an existing floodplain. Site constraints included the jurisdictional delineation of the wash, adjacent utility easements with overhead and underground facilities, and a nearby wind farm with existing wind turbine generators. Connection to an off-site Southern California Edison (SCE) substation created additional challenges, requiring coordination with SCE, The City of Palm Springs, and adjacent property owners.

Project Solution

To complete The North Palm Springs Solar IV project, Altum provided engineered solutions to address all of the environmental and site conditions. Environmental and utility constraints were identified and incorporated in the final site plan. The jurisdictional limits for the Garnet Wash and the adjacent utility easements were identified on the improvement plans and acknowledged in both design and construction. Scour depth and flow rate for the wash were determined by the drainage engineers to help establish the location of the PV panels and the depth of the piles. Altum provided coordination with Southern California Edison (SCE), the City of Palm Springs, and adjacent property owners to obtain electrical interconnection to a nearby SCE substation.