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Everyday is Earth Day

April 22, 2020 is the official 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, a global celebration of the planet focused on environmental protections and changes that benefit everyone. Here at Altum we regularly practice sustainability with different initiatives and policies aimed at minimizing our global impact. These are just some of the everyday examples of what Team Altum has implemented and continually expanding upon.

  • We have a shopping policy that requires all purchased paper products to be made with recycled materials when feasible

  • Our kitchens are outfitted with shared office dishes and silverware to cut back on paper and plastic products

  • All staff are presented with reusable water bottles and coffee mugs when they start with the firm to cut back on waste

  • Every office and desk was provided with a recycle bin for excess paper

  • Several of our company vehicles run on electric power and our Palm Desert office benefits from charging stations in the parking lot

In addition, our portfolio of work includes a number of renewable energy projects, both wind and solar. Altum was founded with environmental principles in place, and we are proud to continue that tradition to this day.

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