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Learn more about the Salton Sea and participate in the Salton Sea Authority’s upcoming workshops

The Salton Sea Authority (SSA) has recently unveiled a new and improved website focused on creating a modern, information and interactive hub for SSA members and the public to learn more about the environmental issues at the Salton Sea and proposed solutions.

The Salton Sea is the largest inland lake in the State of California, and home to North America’s largest population of migratory waterfowl outside of the Everglades. The Sea provides nesting habitat to nearly two thirds of all migratory waterfowl (including 400 species of birds) traveling the Pacific Flyway. Although only in existence in its current form since 1906, the Sea serves as a stopover on the flyway as the increasing loss of habitat along the Pacific Coast to urban development has occurred. The Salton Sea’s ecosystem and economy are threatened by rising salinity levels and lowering water elevations, a trend expected to worsen due to massive agricultural-to-urban water transfers in December 2017. While proposed solutions are controversial, the dust storms anticipated by the exposed playa, are expected to have devastating effects to ecological and human health and the area economy.

The Altum Group encourages everyone in the community to learn more about the Salton Sea and actively participate in SSA’s upcoming workshops that will be conducted throughout the community!

The Salton Sea Authority is a joint powers authority formed by partner agencies including Imperial Irrigation District, Riverside and Imperial counties, Coachella Valley Water District, and Torres Martinez Tribe. SSA’s mission is to protect human health and revitalize the environment and economy of the Sea.

For more information, please visit the Salton Sea Authority website at:

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